Right Sides Together is the work of Lauren Lang, a craft writer and quilter living in Boulder, Colorado. I am on a mission to celebrate sewing as art, promote fabric as product, support our sisters in the industry, and share tips of the trade. Right Sides Together aims to be a resource for novice and experienced sewists by offering fabric news and previews, product and book reviews, access to online deals, sewing challenges, giveaways, and profiles of creative and talented people with a modern aesthetic.

I will openly fawn over fabulous fabric lines and their designers, but I believe the true magic of sewing is in the sewing itself—and in the organic communities built around it. Steeped in the American tradition of bees and guilds, the modern quilt movement relies on sewists teaching, inspiring, and supporting one another. We each take up the stitches we learned from our teachers, use them to make new and exciting things, and then share them with each other. It’s not about competition; it’s about camaraderie.

I also believe that modern sewists are doing important work: keeping traditions and techniques alive even as we make them our own. Whether we’re participating in a Friday Night Sew-cial, attending our local Modern Quilt Guild meetings, or posting our latest projects on Pinterest and Instagram, we find our past and present in the hands of people who make beautiful things. And we find that those people are usually pretty awesome, too.

We are the makers, and we are the future of handmade craft.