Spoonflower Designer Profile: Annelie Hervi

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This week, Right Sides Together is celebrating the fabric design website Spoonflower. Spoonflower is an awesome marketplace for designers looking to sell their prints on fabric and wallpaper, sewists and crafters looking to buy those prints, and people wanting to design and print their own. Each day, we’ll look at a different way that Spoonflower offers fresh, modern design to makers everywhere — all followed up with a giveaway on Friday!

This is Annelie.

Annelie Hervi.

Annelie Hervi sells her designs on Spoonflower, and her whimsical prints are, like the babies clothed in them, delicious. From funky chevrons to twirling helicopters to the façades of Stockholm’s buildings, Annelie’s work lends an on-trend yet unexpected voice to Spoonflower’s print collection. Even though she’s a busy lady—a new mom to a baby boy—Annelie was nice enough to let us catch up with her and give us a sneak peek into her creative process.

BabySwaddlePhotoShoot (Large)-1

Tell us a little about yourself and your creative history. How did you get into design?
Drawing has always been my great interest in life. It started out with pens and crayons, and as I got older I used any graphic design program Dad would buy us. My second obsession is houses and architecture; after getting an Associate degree in Architectural Drafting, I used the skills from CAD to create clothing patterns that I could fill with my fabric designs! Then I found Spoonflower, and I became more focused in creating repeating patterns for fabric.

What inspires you?
Colors. I love seeing color combinations that work great, whether in nature, on clothes, in my own or someone’s home.

How has Spoonflower influenced or changed the way that you approach design? What has the experience of working with them been like?
It’s been life changing for me to find Spoonflower! I always make repeating patterns now, and envision them printed on fabric or as a finished product, sometimes before I even begin drawing! This year I feel like I had my “big break” when my designs started selling a lot more. It’s very satisfying to see your own designs on gorgeous products while browsing Etsy! I would never have imagined this!

Chevron fabric by Annelie H

Do you plan on staying with Spoonflower indefinitely, or do you have another long-term goal?
I am working with a few companies on licensing some of my designs, and I’m always game for a new opportunity. But I have no plans to stop using Spoonflower. It’s the hobby I can always lean back on, and it’s pure fun for me to make designs just for the sake of creating. Sometimes I proof and mark them for sale, sometimes I just leave them private. It keeps my brain and me happy to keep creating.

SwatchesOfMyDesigns (Large)

What advice might you have for someone getting into fabric design?
At the risk of sounding cliché, I want to tell everyone to follow their own style. To be unique when creating art is almost impossible in this world, but there is much to be said about starting every design from scratch. Browse for inspiration, seek what you are drawn to, but create your own designs. I always struggled with how many colors I use. I tried to make more sophisticated designs, but they didn’t feel genuine. Then I realized, it’s what makes my style work: the boldness! All the colors! And people like it? Well, that’s fantastic!

Helicopter fabric

Anything else on the horizon?
I always have so many plans and dreams, but they’re seldom all fulfilled! I’m currently busy snuggling with my baby boy all day long! One dream is to start making clothes with patterns from Brindille and Twig to sell in my own Etsy store. We will see!

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