Need Some Good News? Me Too.

The US has had a tough time of it in the last few weeks. It’s the holidays, which should be a time of compassion and joy and precious time spent with loved ones, but gun violence (both the recent mass shootings and the domestic violence which has become all too common in our national landscape) will make this a heartbreaking season for too many American families.

Sigh. I write a sewing blog. It doesn’t seem particularly relevant on days like these. But in this beautiful post, Janine of UPPERCASE reminds us that craft and art and the act of creation are especially meaningful to help us cope with tragedy. Making beautiful things is finding a light in the darkness — or if one can’t be found, then willing it to appear.

So in the spirit of twinkling lights, here’s some good news!

  • Pantone has released its color(s!) for 2016: rose quartz and serenity! They claim the selection is not supposed to evoke baby colors, but I challenge anyone to not think of a pediatrician’s office. I said it last year for marsala and I’ll say it again: meh.
  • I’ll be over on the Craftsy quilting blog on Friday as part of their 12 Days of Craftsy. The good news? 12 free quilting patterns, selected by yours truly. Consider it my gift to you.
  • Last night, I was part of an outreach project from the Denver Metro Modern Quilt Guild, where we visited a local nonprofit organization that supports teen moms in the area. We taught a sewing class to three girls, and they sewed up some holiday napkins and placemats. I think they had a lot of fun (as did we), and they were really proud of what they accomplished in just two hours. It was such a warm moment in my day (and week and month). Yay!Right Sides Together

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