I originally began Right Sides Together with Rhonda Jordan in May of 2014 and then transitioned into a one-woman gig about a year ago. While the RST Manifesto explains a lot of our inspiration, I also had a professional reason for wanting to start a website: to gain some viability in the sewing and quilting industry.

I have always taken my website seriously, even though it does not make money. (I have all sorts of opinions about people who offer to blog for companies for free, and for companies who expect bloggers to do that and it’s exploitative and unfair and we need to RISE UP MY SISTERS BERNIE 2016…but we’ll save those for another time.) I’ve found that Right Sides Together is clearly at its best when I’m not actively trying to monetize it. Sponsored posts are fun, sure, and they pay a little bit, but there’s a lot of pressure. The posts that have performed best for me are the ones that I’ve loved to write most: “manifestos” on the state of the sewing and quilting industry and culture, interviews promoting and celebrating other quilters and sewists, and fun graphics where I’m just being a general doofus.

But in a sweet turn of events, RST did open up opportunities for me — not as a sewist or a quilter (let’s be honest: I’m middling at both), but as a writer. I got a gig early on blogging for Craftsy, and it became obvious as I traveled to Quilt Markets and MQG events and got to know people in the industry that there are many, many talented artists and business people in the sewing and quilting sector. There are not, however, many people with the time or inclination to write about sewing and quilting.

So in July of 2015 I launched Wordcraft, a full-service copywriting and editing business for creatives. I’ve collaborated with many talented folks in the industry (as well as some larger businesses tangentially related to sewing and quilting, such as the Renegade Craft Fair) and I’m finding that there is a genuine need for someone who knows about the subject matter to write/edit sales copy and press releases and product descriptions and all that good stuff. I’m thrilled that I can bring my talent to the industry, and I’m thrilled that I can get paid to do it.


And so I’m excited today to announce that I am merging Right Sides Together with Wordcraft. It’ll still be right here at and nothing will change, except that the layout will reflect that the two are now linked. This way I’m still able to contribute regularly to the public discourse (and offer up weekly fabric deals), but via an outlet where I can support myself. Think of it all like an online mullet: business in the front with Wordcraft, party in the back with RST.

Welcome to the party, everyone. Happy 2016!

(Need a writer or editor for your book proposal, manuscript, Etsy shop, or website? Shoot me an e-mail! I’d love to work with you.)

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