Quilt Market

Spring Quilt Market for me? Giveaway for you!

Spring Quilt Market

In lieu of writing this week’s regularly scheduled post, tomorrow I’m flying to Salt Lake City for this year’s Spring Quilt Market. While I’m sure you’re heartbroken at missing a pithy yet enlightening tutorial or treatise on the state of the craft industry, I plan to make it up to you.

I’ll be going to Sample Spree on Thursday night, and shortly thereafter I’ll be giving away my best piece of plunder to one lucky and creative person on Instagram (@rightsidestogether). It will be a contest of sorts, but super easy to enter. Head on over there on Thursday evening for the details of the giveaway and for your mission (should you choose to accept it).

What new fabric line or product are you most excited to see this season? To whose table should I hustle at breakneck speed?

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