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Spoonflower Designer Profile: Annelie Hervi

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This week, Right Sides Together is celebrating the fabric design website Spoonflower. Spoonflower is an awesome marketplace for designers looking to sell their prints on fabric and wallpaper, sewists and crafters looking to buy those prints, and people wanting to design and print their own. Each day, we’ll look at a different way that Spoonflower offers fresh, modern design to makers everywhere — all followed up with a giveaway on Friday!

This is Annelie.

Annelie Hervi.

Annelie Hervi sells her designs on Spoonflower, and her whimsical prints are, like the babies clothed in them, delicious. From funky chevrons to twirling helicopters to the façades of Stockholm’s buildings, Annelie’s work lends an on-trend yet unexpected voice to Spoonflower’s print collection. Even though she’s a busy lady—a new mom to a baby boy—Annelie was nice enough to let us catch up with her and give us a sneak peek into her creative process.